Jewelry and Vogel Crystals, Pendullums



We have a large selection of jewelry with natural gemstones and crystals. Jewelry to excite the senses and bring forth the healing and balancing qualities inherent in natural gemstones. We offer great value, with pieces starting in the low $10s.

 The selection includes rings, hearings, bracelets, and collars, set in silver and gold. 

We carry Crystal jewelry cut in sacred geometry patterns, and have a broad selection of premium Vogel cut crystals, as well as unusual cut crystals. 

You will also find pins and charms, Angelic, Christian, Hindu, Tibetan, and Kabbalistic pieces and figurines, and glass angels, butterflies, prisms, balls, lotuses, and other glass items.

On this display we also feature a small collection of Native American art vases, and part of our extensive collection of pendullums.

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Chimes, Singing Bowls, Sacred Art



Crystal Dove is your Albuquerque store for quartz Crystal Bowls.  Indeed we always have a selection of these magnificent bowls, in diameters from 8" to 18" for the floor standing bowls, and 6" to 9" for the handhelds. And we can special order quartz bowls to meet your desires.

The Dove also carries metal Tibetan Bowls chinese Gongs, as well as a large selection of american made chimes for indoor or outdoor use. 

Partially visible in this section of our store is our collection of pyramids, incense, deity figurines, and statues. 

The store carries sacred geometry items, such as hanging copper wire pyramids, merkabas, and stars of David. And we offer a wide selection of Visionary art paintings, posters, and cards. 

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Crystals, Gemstones, Wands, and Elixirs




In this section of our store you find our cut crystals and gemstones display case. Here we offer large beautiful quartz crystals, in clear, smokey, and rose quartz. You will find crystal and gemstone balls and wands of various sizes. There is an ample selection of  single and double terminated pieces, as well as various solid pyramids, plus some beautiful crystal clusters.

The store also carries a selection of tuning forks and elixirs infused with Angelic, Crystal or Star energies. Some of these are seen in this photo.

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Metaphysical Books, Tarot and Oracle Cards

hicksbookThe Dove has a great selection of books starting with the great metaphysical writers of the  first part of the 20th century, and extending to the most contemporary authors of this age. From Alice Bailey, Rudolph Steiner, Israel Regardie, Manley Hall, Walter Russell, Mickael Aivanhoff, to Deepak Chopra, Abraham-Hicks, Tom Kenyon,  Doreen Virtue, Caroline Myss, and so many others. We also carry books from local writers.

Titles cover astrology, tarot, numerology, palmistry, shamanism, buddhism, meditation, taoism, healing modalities, spiritual awakening, psychic development, reincarnation, revealed teachings, native american wisdom, alternative healing sytems, mayan calendar, 2012 and beyond. 

We also feature an outstanding selection of Tarot decks and books, and Oracle systems. From the classic Tarot and I Ching cards, to Angel cards, and the most contemporary decks with sacred geometry and/or stunning imagery.

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