Inga Madsen


Inga came to our shores in the late 1980s from her native Denmark, already accomplished in Europe as a healer and practicer of advanced metaphysics. She was invited to the US by the well known Dr. Marcel Vogel of the Psychic Research Institute (PRI) in San Jose, California.  In those years she refined her already advanced healing skills, studying with Marcel and his staff crystal techniques for healing humans and the environment.

Her further development as a teacher and a master of singing bowls became a reality in Albuquerque, where during a visit after the death of Marcel,  a series of fortuitous synchronicities landed her as a part owner of "Arts in Transition", the predecesor of the "Crystal Dove".

The rest is a familiar story for those who have had the fortune to visit the store and been recipients of her wisdom and healing mastery. Inga is daily at Crystal Dove. She offers transformational healings, i.e., "Heart Healings", and "Soul Alignments". Every Saturday at 8pm sharp you will find her doing our singing bowl meditation, a consistent happening for 18 years now. So come visit Inga and  experience the healing magic of the Crystal Dove.


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