Every Saturday night for over 18 years Inga has hosted a singing bowl meditation.  Come and join us for this magical experience of personal, community and planetary healing. Our doors open at 7:30 PM and mediation starts sharp at 8:00pm and last until 9;15pm. After meditation you are welcome to ask questions, and converse until 9:45pm. This mediation is perfect for beginners or experienced meditators.  You can sit, lay, or assume your favorite posture, and no particular believe system is presented.  Truly a wonderful opportunity to connect with beautiful energies and beings.Donations.


If the subject of meditation has you intrigued, we at the Dove have the course for you.  We teach a simple and most effective meditation that anyone can do without great concentration or difficult postures. A personal practice, and not a religion, this course is compatible with your beliefs. All that is required is your willingness to learn. So give yourself permission to enter your inner sanctum with this simple but profound practice. We currently offer two courses, Mediation I and Meditation II.

Meditation I presents the principles of meditation and body energetics, including a detailed discussion of chakras. While perfect for beginners the practice taught is capable of producing tremendous advancements in your personal development. Indeed as it is a simple and very effective practice, Meditation I is a good course for experienced meditators that find their current practice has lost effectiveness or is no longer compatible with their current lifestyle. Meditation II is a follow up course with many other meditations, but is only offered to Mediation I graduates who consistently practice the core meditation. Meditation courses are very affordable, at just $65 for a four session course. Call us for details, including dates and availability.


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